Nilma was born in 1960 in Bologna, in the district of Cadriano.
The name of the company is the italian acronym of “Nuova Industria Lavorazione Mobili Affini”.
At the beginning it was a carpentry specialized in the workmanship of bespoke wood furnishing for architects.

In 1980 Nilma decided to expand its business becoming Nilma Arredamenti, working in the business of bespoke furnishing for commercial stores, realising stores and flagship stores with a turnkey service.
The turnkey service is a most important point of streght against its competitors and, first of all, for its customers that know that Nilma gives them the possibility of investing large sums in their stores by relying on a serious, meticulous and extremely on time interlocutor for the delivery of the store.
In this way started a streght collaboration in the sector of beauty retail, designing and realising bespoke furnishings for private customers and very important multinational brands in all part of italy.
In 1997, Nilma changed its headquarter moving to Granarolo dell’Emilia, investing in a structure that allow to offer to its customers the best quality of its services.
Since 2007, thanks to the experience in the furnishings productions and in the turnkey servic for the realisations of the store, Nilma Arredamenti change its business positioning becoming Nilma Contract.

Today, the Nilma Contract’s stores are in more than 230 city centre and 115 mall, in all of Italy and Europe.


The turnkey service of Nilma actually is recognised as most important point of strght of the company.
Taking care of the maximum interests for our customers, we follow them in the process of the realisation of the bespoke furnishings or complete stores, starting from the definition of the project or the engineering of existing.
Thanks to the expertise of our professional team, we are able to manage all of the technical workmanship in the building site: from the laying of the floor to the masonry, from the design of the electrical and conditioning system to their installation.

Since the great experience in the realisations of bespoke furnitures for beauty stores, today Nilma is one of the best partner in the beauty business that is able to analysing, designing and realising store and flagship store following the actual tecnological and design trend in order to improve the experience of the customer in the shop.

The Company:

Nilma Contract is based in Granarolo dell’Emilia, in the east part of Bologna. The strategic position allow to arrive in a few minutes to the highway and to the international airport, in order to have a great logistic quickly and efficiently in all of Italy.

The carpentry:

With 2500mq of space, the carpentry is the connection point with past, present and future. This part of the industry, has every kind of machinery for the workmanship of the wood. There are places for storage of furnitures coming from other suppliers, spaces where to view the prototype.

Commercial office:

Quote, orders and relatioship with customers are manage in this office that put together the experience in the financial managment and the knowledge of the young degree workers.

The technical office:

A team made by architects, engineers and project manager, the technical office is the engine that transform the ideas into projects and the projects became real. The customers can have a realistic image of their store with rendering and become protagonist in the customization of their space. If the projects come from external design studios, we analyse them and we realise the executive drawings of the furnitures and of the systems of the store.

Project manager:

The project manager work in the building site and in touch with the headquarter, manage the project in all of its parts with the control of the quality and the timing of the work.